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aims to enrich the lives of today’s families by providing the tools and information needed to create clean, safe and harmonious environments for eco-conscious homes and offices.  Fueled by people’s desire to lead healthier lifestyles we believe this begins with having available pure water, clean air, reduced electromagnetic radiation and cell-phone disturbance; and, incorporates natural design and building materials. At Natural Living Space we take these ideas and apply them to resources that nurture and provide us with shelter.  Explore this site for information on new products and services that will enrich your living space.


Sketch 1 - Wooden house Mykonos
Energized Neem Anti-Itch Formula - 4 oz
Sketch 3 - Hydra1
Energized Neem Soaps Six 5oz bars
Sketch 5 - Village Ios2

Natural Living Space is an online store offering products to harmonize home and office.  NLS is an authorized distributor for both Santé Natural and Memon® products.  Santé Water specializes in products that are energized through a natural process of taking highly charged positive information contained in a single moisture source and transferring this energy from one source to another.  This technology brings a variety of products including: energized coasters, energy pitchers and mugs. This energizing process is not done with electronics, magnets, crystals, words or any other method. It is “all natural” because it is a 100% natural transfer of positive earth energy.  It is as simple as that!

The memon® transformers are the unique technology innovation which most clearly embodies well-being, reduced stress, comfort and environmental safety.  Available in European countries for the past 6 years, these products are dedicated to protecting and eliminating unseen toxins in homes and offices.  The memon® transformers for EMF cell phones provides protection against negative energy radiation that impacts our bodies while the memon® Motor vehicle transformer reduces electrostatic charge to a minimum and re-polarizes the whole vehicle into a right-polar range.

NLS believes that creating healthy spaces begins with removing the toxins that interfere with our well being and is committed to offering design inspired products to bring harmony to the living environment

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